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Heinemann's (CAD) Computer-Aided-Design equipment, our staff, and our production facilities are ideally suited for quick response to your custom Control Panel requirements.

In the beginning Heinemann engaged solely in the installation of electrical wiring systems. Unlike today, the equipment used by electrical installers was not readily available, so Heinemann had to make its own. Two key components, knife switches and fuse circuits, started Heinemann on the path of circuit protection and control, its field of specialization ever since.

In 1927, the company began development of an automatic protective device that could be reset rather than replaced - the circuit breaker. In 1932, Heinemann patented a radically different kind of circuit breaker, the hydraulic-magnetic breaker. The major advantage of this new circuit breaker was the elimination of heat-induced nuisance tripping, a problem with thermal-type circuit breakers on hot days or when they were located near heat generating equipment. The new magnetic circuit breaker is tripped by a solenoid, taking advantage of the overcurrent that occurs by default.

Today, Heinemann offers a wide range of OEM circuit protectors, with ratings from 0.01 to 1200 amperes. Their applications include computers, healthcare equipment, pleasure boats, and naval vessels, communications systems, electric locomotives and space vehicles.

Over the last 40 years, Heinemann has introduced many new products to the Hydraulic/Magnetic Circuit Breaker product line, extending its capability while maintaining its compact size.

1950 - Series AM - 0.02-100A
developed for Aircraft and Telecommunications

1960 - Seried HM - 0.05-20A
sealed package - for the military

1960 - Series C E-Frame - 0.01-120A
customized for precision panel board and air conditioning applications

1967 - Series J/S - 0.02-50A
circuit breakers for equipment

1979 - KD1 - 0.25-15A
push to reset in fuse holder size package

1980 - Series GH EH Frame - 0.5-100 A
small size, for air conditioning equipment

1982 - Series GJ High Current - 100-250 A
service entrance for DC applications

1982 - Series GJIP High Current DC - 100-1200A
UL 489 listing to 700 AMPS

1985 - PS1 Fuse-Switch - to 20A
saves panel space by combining a fuse holder and on/off switch

In 1992 Heinemann Products was purchased by the Commercial Controls Division of Eaton - a Ten (10) Billion Dollar Corporation. This arrangement provides extensive financial and technological resources for the development of existing and future products. Heinemann Electric Canada is an Eaton Heinemann Products licensee.

Products described in this catalogue are covered by one or more patents.

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